The NGSBA Mission

The Skirball Archaeological Center of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical ArchaeologyThe Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology is an academic institution with an active field research program. Our work focuses on the Land of Israel, asking both universal questions about the development of human society and more particular ones concerning the special nature of ancient Canaan and Israel and the world of the Bible. The universal and particular mesh well together; so much of modern history is determined by what occurred in antiquity. The ethnic and religious schisms of our region, and the attending political conflicts, have their roots in antiquity.

We believe that a rigorous, academic approach to archaeology and the Bible can lead to new insights into the roots of our cultural identity. The passions and ideologies of peoples that inhabit the land of Israel today still carry with them the legacy of these identities.

The children of Nitzanim Elementary School after a day of excavation at Givat Sher

While research and academic excellence are important, we feel that archaeology can and should have a role to play in society. Archaeology is fun, intellectually satisfying and it brings people together. The NGSBA practices archaeology as a public enterprise for people who want to experience the detective work and adventure we do.

We endeavor to bring together different communities that might not otherwise meet—Arabs and Jews, families from towns on the periphery and families from congregations in the USA, for example.  Digging together and learning together leaves a mark that lasts a lifetime.