What is contract archaeology?

Contract archaeology (often called “rescue” or “salvage” archaeology) is archaeological survey and excavation carried out, under commercial contract, in areas threatened by, or revealed by, construction or other development. Such development may include dams, highway projects, major construction, cable laying or even before the onset of war operations. Unlike traditional survey and excavation, rescue archaeology must be undertaken at speed. Rescue archaeology is included in the broader category of "Cultural resource management" cultural resource management (CRM)".


Y.G. Archaeology – consulting and salvage excavation

Y.G. Archaeology was established in 1996 by Yehuda Govrin and was the first archaeological consulting firm in the country.  Y.G. Archaeology came under the academic umbrella of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology, Hebrew Union College in 2005.

Y.G. Archaeology provides consultation, emergency survey and salvage excavation services.  We will help you, the developer, contractor or homeowner, navigate the intricacies of the antiquities laws and expedite the required archaeological work in a speedy yet scientifically acceptable way.


Name Position Telephone Resume
Yehuda Govrin Director (Ph.D, Haifa University) 972-(0)52-3397200


Nathan Ben-Ari Archaeologist 
(MA, Tel Aviv University)


Nissim Golding-Meir Archaeologist - petrographer 
(MA, Ben Gurion University)
Conn Herriott Archaeologist 
(MA, Bristol University, United Kingdom)

Staff Staff

David Ilan Consultant 
(Ph.D, Tel Aviv University)


Moshe Sade Archaeozoologist 
(Ph.D, Tel Aviv University)
Dov Porotsky Plans and drafting 972-(0)54-5936092  

Salvage Projects

Northern Region

  • Beisamoun

Central Region

  • Abu Ghosh
  • Azor
  • Bet Dagan
  • Eshtaol
  • Hartuv
  • Khirbat Hermas
  • Khirbat Marmita
  • Khirbet Butz
  • Kibbutz Eyal
  • Na'an
  • Or Yehuda
  • Ramat Bet Shemesh
  • Ramla (Bialik Interchange)
  • Ramla (Ta'avura Junction)
  • Ramla (White Mosque Street)
  • Tsrifin
  • Tsur Natan
  • Tsur Yitzhak
  • Yehud
  • Yesodot

Southern Region

  • Hatrurim
  • Nahal Gov
  • Nahal Hava
  • Nahal Sayif